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Hi All - Welcome!

You've made it to the Posts & Pages of TME

Therapy Made Easy


Not only that, I’m looking forward to making a few moor here in these posts.

Whew, I feel some relief already in just saying that – takes the pressure off. 

So glad you could join me here. Hope to have some FUN! and entertainment, maybe stimulate some creative thought, explore self-awareness and self-growth stuff and throw in whatever else piques interest along the way.

Topics worth exploring from a therapeutic perspective are endless. Our imaginations are the limit. Perspectives and Beliefs,  both individual and collective, are the lenses through which we view ourselves, others and the world. What makes that exciting is that perspectives and beliefs can change - we have the power to change them. Maybe that will happen for you and me within these pages?


One of the very interesting {for me anyways} decisions I have made for myself  is the choice to remain anonymous. Well, as anonymous as one can be online these days.

Professional responsibilities and restrictions come into play that make it prohibitive for me to be as creative, emotionally  self-revealing, open and Free & Fun as I want to be in these posts. Therefore anonymity serves a purpose towards that end.


... p l e a s e Keep in mind that this site is called Therapy Made Easy
not Therapy Made Profound
or Therapy Made Academic
or Therapy Made Anything  ...other than Easy!


do not believe everything you read here!
{or all those awful things people are saying about me -- totally untrue!!}



I also want to be clear that I am doing this for me. For my-SELF.  I believe that if  I am being as true and honest with myself - as true as one can be anyways - that I will thus offer you my best. I believe that if I am able to express myself from my highest self, then we will both get the most from these posts. That's my hope and intention.

There is also a CONTACT page if you want to pop me an email. I promise to do my best to respond to all. I'm very interested in your thoughts, ideas for future posts and exchanging information relevant to Therapy Made Easy.


Don’t just be yourself. Be all of your selves.

- Joss Whedon

You are most welcome here — all  of  you

***all parts of your selves

So, in the spirit of fun and honest [scathing relentless and unforgivingself-reflection...

YIKES!  I think that's almost an oxymoron?  Can both those things exist in the same room at the same time?

...let's leave self-judgement and (some) restraint at the door and let therapeutic-silliness reign.

Before I ask you to fill out an Intake Form – please pull up a seat, make yourself at home and let’s get acquainted. What’s on your mind?

With great interest, undivided attention

and my neurosis as under control as possible,


Therapy Made Easy